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Equinox Sports Club Tuesday 9AM



The Barre class that I developed is based on the traditional Lotte Berk Method. I have built on that foundation to add new choreography, and unique strength and stretching exercises to create a class that is effective and safe. This class is designed to create a long, lean, flexible, and energized body.  Visit Asana Charlestown to resister for class.


Barre Flow Workshops TBD


This unique class is done away from the barre and combines barre inspired strengthening and stretching exercises done in a high-intensity interval format, including Barre Flow style movements to work and sculpt the entire body. The class is designed to include the use of resistance bands and your own body weight to challenge, energize, and lengthen


Barre at Equinox Boston Sports Club Tuesdays 9AM


Realize the dream of the dancer’s body. Raise ballet to the next level as you combine precise techniques with athletic intensity for a total body workout.


Gold Barre
 Equinox Boston Sports Club TBD


Do Barre like an athlete. Add figure-skating jumps and focused footwork to your Barre workout and propel your power, balance and endurance. Inspired by Olympic gold medal figure skater Tara Lipinski.


Audio Barre Classes                                                             Barre with my from anywhere with instant access to  20 minute audio guided class at MoveWith.


50 Hour Barre Teacher Training Program at Asana Charlestown. Created By Jessica Diaz.

If you are looking to take a transformational journey into the world of Barre Fitness than this barre teacher program at ASANA Charlestown is for you. Whether you are looking to become a barre teacher, gain a deeper understanding of barre movements and concepts, or you just want to fuel your passion for barre fitness, we invite you to join us for our Barre Teacher Training. 40 hours of classroom training will be complimented by 10 hours of assistant teaching and presentation to demonstrate understanding and teaching competency.

Jessica Diaz has over 15 years of Barre experience and has trained with leaders in the Barre Industry. This training program is based on the foundational concepts of the Lotte Burke method, while also combining Jessica’s unique choreography that blends traditional barre technique with modern functional movement to create a program that is safe, effective and fun.

Through this training, expect to gain an understanding of:

- tools and techniques for leading a barre fitness class

- a framework for structuring class sequences

- importance of proper body alignment -principles of barre fundamentals -be introduced to key concepts in barre anatomy

-knowledge of how to use vocal cueing to guide your classes -modifications for injury and pregnancy -teaching best practices

-skills for motivating and managing a class





Starts 4/26/18.  Register at

This Barre Teacher Training program has been nationality approved by NASM and AFAA.

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