Barre Teacher Training Program:

“I was drawn to Barre classes for its transformational aspects of building long, LEAN muscles throughout the body with light weights and deep stretches.

Lower back problems ended my yoga practice, which led me to Jessica’s Barre class.  Given my ballerina skills mirrored that of an elephant, I positioned myself in the far off corner in hopes to make myself as invisible as possible.  After a few classes, I learned even an elephant can plié.  A few weeks later, my body transformed into lean, sculpted muscles and my new strong core kept my back issues at bay.  

So inspired by the results of Jessica’s classes and a desire to teach, I signed up for her teacher training class. While confident in taking a class, the notion of creating the choreography and setting it to music was quite intimidating and made me second guess a desire to teach.  Those notions were quickly put to rest shortly after our first teacher training class session.  Jessica had already done the hard part: building multiple fully sequenced classes complete with playlists.   She gave us access to her playlists that mirrored the beats needed for each aspect of the class.   She broke down each section into logical non-intimidating chunks that we rehearsed over and over again in class.  Her teaching style was inspiring, encouraging and motivational.  Jessica's manual became our bible with its’ accompany photos of poses and detailed breakdown of each exercise and how to correctly cue.  We learned how to look for improper form and subsequently correct the form to prevent injury.  The manual and our class instruction offered multiple modifications for each exercise to accommodate the various needs of a class, such as pregnancy, weak wrists or other injuries”. - Heidi T.

Upon the completion of the class, I felt the confidence to teach a mixed class of students ranging from first timers to very seasoned practitioners.    The manual continues to serve me as I try to add variation to exercise and keenly understanding how to teach to a diverse class.
”I loved taking Jess' Barre Teacher Training! It was fun to learn, and she gave us fantastic feedback whenever we practiced. The days went by quickly as we broke down each section of class and peppered Jess with questions. She answered each one, providing insights she has learned from her years of teaching and studying personal training. I felt fully prepared to teach my first class, and because of Jess was offered a regular class after a few weeks of subbing. She also makes herself available as a mentor after the training is over, and I know I can always go to her for advice or more moves for classes. I would give her training a 10/10 and would take again! “ - Meredith H.

"Thank you for all the hard work you put into preparing for and leading the training.  Your knowledge, warmth, openness and giving spirit are so apparent in how you shared your journey and experiences with us- instilling a sense of belief, confidence and community in me and others" -Liz W.

"After taking classes with Jess for years, I was THRILLED when she announced she was going to host a Barre teacher training program! Who better to learn from than someone who was trained in & had been teaching for years the most effective, traditional barre classes I had found?!
It was clear from the start that Jess was so invested in us being successful in her training - whether our intention was to go on & teach or simply learn more about barre & the techniques. From the comprehensive manual she put together (amazing resource that I’ll flip back to for modifications/exercise for years to come!) or ensuring her training was nationally certified, to offering insider tips around music/timing/social media presence (things you would never think about) & hosting practice classes on top of the 40 hours we spent training, she was amazing & always available for questions whenever we needed her. She organized community classes for us to use to practice as well - providing one on one constructive feedback to each of us & ensuring we felt as comfortable & confident as possible in moving forward as teachers (if that’s what we wanted to do!) Overall, just an amazing, supportive experience.
One of the things that struck me most about Jess when I started attending her classes years ago was her genuine desire to help people be the best they can be.  Whether it’s fixing your form in class to get that little bit of extra work, sharing her knowledge around nutrition or letting you borrow a book she’s read & found helpful, she wants to see people thrive - & her teacher training was no different. I feel more equipped to teach than I ever thought possible, thanks to having her in my corner!" - Alanna O.

"I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to take Jess’s barre teacher training. I have done barre at many different studios and experienced all kinds of teachers but Jess truly stands out and has become an inspiration not only as a barre instructor but as a woman in this field as well. Her kindness, compassion and warmth make everyone feel comfortable and at home. She is so knowledgeable in barre and health and her passion really shines through. She created a beautifully written and professional teacher training manual that has everything you need to know about barre, from the history of the practice to form, muscle work, cueing etc. The training has made me feel ready to take on this next challenge and her support and encouragement have given me a confidence that I didn’t know I had. I feel so lucky to have learned and practiced under the best!" - Katy S.

 " I am such a strong believer  in that people come into your life for a reason.  I am so grateful to have met Jess. I remember walking into my first barre class back in 2013, I had no idea what barre was but I decided to give it a shot. Jess was so friendly and knowledgeable about barre workouts, I thought  "Wow, I want to be like her, she is so inspiring!" Fast forwarding to 2017, Jess’s barre classes are still the best parts of my day. I have watched my body transform from her classes more than any other workout I’ve tried (and trust me, I’ve tried everything out there!) Jessica places a strong emphasis on form, which I love.  Her classes are always different , super challenging, and her playlists are always amazing. I just finished my barre teacher training with Jess, and I feel so lucky to have learned and trained with one of the best barre instructors out there! If you haven't taken one of her classes yet, I recommend it more than anything! " Abby S.

 "Jessica created a beautiful teacher training manual that logically organized two ready-to-go barre classes!  The manual is broken down like a class and each section includes specifics about the targeted muscle group, advice on how to keep students safe and motivated, and tips about music choice.  With practice, I know that I could lead a class straight from this manual and it would be a success! I signed up for Jess' barre teacher training to enhance my own barre workouts - teaching just seemed too scary!  Her class materials were so well organized and prepared that when the training was over, I left not just reaching my personal goal, but also knowing that I could lead a class"! - Christy M.

"Jess's barre teacher training was truly an amazing experience. After 2-3 years of taking her classes and learning from the best, Jess encouraged me to become a teacher - something I never thought I was capable of. Through her encouraging words, her knowledge, and her patience, I was able to complete her teacher training and I wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone else. This was a huge accomplishment for me and I could not have done it without her. She spent so much time preparing the material to make sure her students fully understood each part of the barre class and why it was so important. It gave me the confidence I needed to start my teaching journey and helped me as a barre student as well. I can't thank you enough for this experience." - Hannah G.

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Barre Class: 

"Fitness and athletics never really were too difficult for me- but I would be lying if I said I wasn't 100% nervous to take my first barre class. It was totally out of my comfort zone. But after I took my first barre class with Jess, I knew I was hooked. Jessica is such an open person, with an accepting and challenging style of teaching that I have grown to love and appreciate more with each and every class I take. My body has changed so much with barre and has made me more confident, strong, and happy in my own skin.  I am so thankful for Jess's barre classes... from the bottom of my heart". - Geena. 

"The day I walked into one of Jessica's classes was a gift. I had never had tried barre, I was out of shape and I was tired. That was almost 2 years ago and what a difference Jessica and Barre has made in my life. Jessica is encouraging and supportive but she also gets each of us to bring out our best. I have so much respect for Jessica's knowledge and ability yet I grew at my own pace and was never intimidated or frustrated. I absolutely love Barre. It has brought strength, flexibility, balance and joy into my life. It is because of my work with Jessica that I can say this. She is the best". - Allison B.

"Jessica Diaz is truly a gem-she is an excellent trainer and is the only person I wanted to work with after tearing my hamstring and spraining my MCL. Jessica is not only an amazing barre instructor, but she has helped inspire me towards healthier living and introduced me to multiple wellness tips. I had met Jess in 2013 at one of her barre classes and since have followed her to two different studios—she is the only reason I will wake up at 5:15 on Monday mornings just to drive to her class. Jess is skilled, thoughtful and truly is one of the most genuine trainers/instructors out there. For all of her exercises, she has modifications and advancements. What I love about Jess is that she emphasizes your own personal strength and how you are feeling that day. Some days, I can push myself and take the advancements she gives me but other days I can’t and I resort to some modifications. Regardless of what I choose to do, Jess never makes me feel bad about myself and challenges me individually to be the best version of myself for that day. She is extremely committed to her work as an instructor and provides her clients with her extensive knowledge of the body. Her enthusiasm for a healthier you is contagious ". - Alice L.

"I've been a regular student in Jessica’s barre classes for the last few years and her classes have always been my favorite! Jessica’s focuses on the traditional Lotte Burke barre method and keeps her classes effective and challenging for all experience levels. Even though I have been coming for years, Jessica’s class is never boring and she is always adding in new movements and variations in each class. By constantly introducing new movements, Jessica has us working different areas of the muscle groups in each class and I leave her class feeling refreshed and challenged. I feel like I got a great workout in every time! Jessica is patient and always willing to help - whether it's adjusting a position during class or working with you after class to be sure that you're getting the most out of every movement. Jessica is even always willing to share her vast knowledge of health & wellness because she genuinely cares about her students overall health - something I think anyone can appreciate!" Alanna W.

"Jessica is my FAVORITE Barre teacher. If you live in Boston or are just visiting, taking a barre class with Jessica is an absolute must. Whether you are just starting out at the barre or advanced, Jessica's class covers it all, not to mention being able to workout to her killer play lists! If anyone has taken a barre class they know the barre burn. Where most people give into it, Jessica's motivation helps all of her students push through the burn to make sure they get the most out of their workout for the full hour. Working through each different movement throughout class, Jessica makes it appoint to check on each one of her students to make sure they are performing each exercise properly. She will adjust your form if its needed, tell you to lift your leg a little higher, and tuck a little harder.Her class is definitely challenging, but you know what they say,If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you and that is exactly what Jessica's class does.I highly recommend class with her"! - Erica M.

Jessica is no joke! I've been to her barre and back, and I live to tell the tales of toning and tucking my muscles into perfection. Jessica has been practicing the Lotte Berk Method for nearly a decade. I absolutely love variety, so this rendition is a perfect fit since it's a fusion of ballet, Pilates and sculpt. She has trained at the top studios in Boston and among the best names in the business, so I know I'm working with the creme de la creme. Jessica is extremely hands-on and makes it her top priority to check in with every student throughout each class. Her enthusiasm and warmth set the tone for a comfortable environment and her consistent motivation keeps me (and all of her students) striving to achieve a longer and more limber pose.Jessica offers a killer playlist too and prides herself on mixing a lineup of upbeat tunes". - Noelle B.

"Super person, super teacher. Highly recommend her classes"! - Laura B.

"I truly believe that people who love what they do are the best at what they do. Jessica is absolutely passionate about the practice and teaching of barre. From her knowledge of just how to get that killer body, to her playlists, and energy in class, Jessica knows how to motivate and inspire her students. She works with people of all ages, beginners, and new mothers. She absolutely cares about her students and their path to achieving their goals. Be prepared to feel the burn in her class, but she will keep you inspired the whole time! I highly recommend, Jessica"! - Abby C.

"Jessica helped me lose all of my 50 lb. baby weight after my 2nd baby. Her approach to working out isn't just about pounds lost, it's mainly about having a safe workout, integrating a healthy diet and the appearance of my body instead of just the pounds lost. You should consider yourself beyond lucky to have a Barre instructor like Jessica... one in a million"! - Alisa G.

Barre Workshop Testimonial: "The first time I went to Jess's barre workshop as an inexperienced student, I learned so much about what barre really is and how to get the most out of it. If you're a beginner, like I was, or an experienced student, her workshops will help you perfect your practice. Jess really opened my eyes on how to move correctly in class, isolate my muscles, and listen to my body. Before I knew it, I started to see more and more results! Jess's classes are my favorite because she focuses on the importance of form and doing what's right for your body while still getting an amazing workout. I have since been to two more of her workshops as a refresher and am already looking forward to the next!" - Hannah G

Speaker/Presenter feedback: 

 "You've inspired me to get my team up and walking throughout the day and we're swapping desk chairs for stability balls. God Bless you and all you're doing!"

"Excellent speaker and presentation. Made me take a step back to think about how I look at my health...not just a number on a scale or a caloric intake amount. LOVED that she made us stand up!!"

"Jessica is amazing! Really opened my eyes to things and is an inspiration through her own personal story."

"Another gem of a presentation in a short period of time. I may reach out to her for another conference."

"Loved this presentation! Such an important message. Thanks for thinking outside the box Massachusetts Hospital Association".

"Amazing story of recovery. Tips were helpful, "news you can use".

"I am putting in practice Jessica's recommendations starting today".

"Great reminders for good health and prevention."

"She was great; extremely informative and full of energy."